Oriental Café

2007 Les Complices Zurich
2007 Kunsthalle Basel

Oriental Café reconstructs an Egyptian Café: plastic chairs, metal tables.
Visitors can drink coffee, tea or lemonade. The furniture is originally
from the Townhouse Café in Cairo. TV monitors are placed in between
the furniture. One can see and hear people who are sitting in the
Townhouse Café, on the same chairs and tables, and talk about 9/11.
I asked them how they personally experienced this particular day.
Images from the café are being projected on one of the walls.From speakers,
which are placed up high in the room, we can hear softly noises from city of Cairo.

See extract of the installation in Les Complices:

Technical details

Arabic and English with German subtitles
4 monitors with headphones
5 DVD players
1 video projector
2 active speakers
4 pedestals
14 plastic chairs
4 metal tables

Supported by Pro Helvetia, Gemeinnützigen Gesellschaft des Kantons Zürich, Fachstelle Kultur des Kantons Zürich, and videocompany.

See pictures of the installation in Les Complices: